The Bedroom


Whilst building the lorry, I knew that I would be living in it full-time, so there was a definite need for a proper bed. I know there are a lot of people in small spaces who have foldout beds or beds that are constructed from spare cushions from sofa, and these are great for less permanent tiny homes, but for me a full sized bed with a comfy mattress was essential!

First, I had to work out how to fit this into the lorry. I was originally planning to build a Murphy bed but the hinges were fairly expensive and it would’ve taken up a lot of floor space.

The idea for my pulley bed design came from seeing hanging beds on youtube. I saw the rope system and knew it would be possible to bring that into the lorry.

Getting the rope system to work was a bit tricky as originally I was planing on running one rope to all four corners, but that didn’t work. After seeking some advice from a friend with a boat, he recommended have a 4 to 1 system. One rope on every corner through pulleys in the roof (that are bolted directly to the steel frame of the house), which all come back to a single pulley going down to the winch.

I didn’t want the bed to be floating as there is not much space for the bed to move and swing on the ropes. There was a very simple solution to this. I attached 4 brackets into the walls, where the bed would come down to. Two beams slot into these brackets for the bed to come down and rest on. This keeps the bed steady and supports the weight when its being slept in.