^The portable beer terrace is attached to the front of the house, and folds out to rest on top of the cab. The terrace is made out of decking and is fairly heavy, therefore I fitted it with the electric winch to pull it in and out.

The Flaps


Tiny houses don’t have loads of room so you have to come up with ideas to maximise your living space. It is one of my favourite parts of tiny house living to come up with inventive ways to make things fold out of your home. We call them our flaps. The biggest flap so far is the terrace that comes out over the cab. The idea for the beer terrace came from a permanent terrace that I park next to at the farm that I live on. The permanent terrace is made from a huge pallet with wooden legs added to raise it to the same height as lorry. When parked up the tail gate comes down and meets the terrace, extending our outdoor living space significantly.

The beer terrance really came into its own on our recent trip to Wales, it gave us private viewing of some of the most amazing sunsets ever, and was the perfect place to chill out with a drink or dinner.


BBQ flap

We also have a BBQ flap as well perfect for our small BBQ so we don’t have to crouch and use the BBQ.


We have a Bar!!!

One of the best additions to the lorry is the Beer Engine on the back.