The Sitting Room

When I started thinking about the lorry, I knew there were three things I just had to have in the house; a wood burner, a Belfast sink and a chesterfield sofa. I had been looking for the right one for over two years. I finally found this one on eBay for only £100 and it was close by for collection too, perfect!

The sofa was the ideal place to put the water tank under. In the rest of the space around the sofa I built a frame out of pallet wood to hold drawers down either side, and cupboards underneath.

Throughout the living area of the lorry there is underfloor storage boxes that give us lots of space for everything, from tools to spare clothes.

The ceiling in the sitting roof (underside of the bed) is a map of the UK, surrounded by cutouts other the Dandy. This has a cork board behind it and this allows us to pin out our trips.