Finding the lorry and designing the house

For a few years, I dreamily sifted though eBay, Car and Classic and lots of other websites. Trying to find the perfect vehicle was difficult, I wanted it big enough for a home, and not a big restoration project. I was looking at vans for a long time but I thought everyone has a white van at the moment (they are great for stealth camping) but I have never been that subtle.

I work with old cars and I love historic vehicles. I knew that I needed to have something old, something with character. THE lorry popped up on eBay about 15 miles away for where I was living at the time, I went over for visit and it was love at first sight! I paid the deposit on the spot and picked it up the week after.

When I was designing the lorry house, I wanted to have the possibility of having a stealth camper by putting the original canvas over the steel frame to make it look like a old army lorry again. This is one of the reasons that I didn’t build the house over the cab. As well as this, there is a gun turret/access hatch on the top of the cab. I loved this feature so much it changed the whole design of the house!