Projects in the Pipe Line

Just a few of our plans for builds and a few adventures we hope to go on.



THE Trailer workshop hot tub time machine

I am currently converting for a ex-army trailer to convert into a workshop. The plan is to make a structure similar to the house with pallet cladding and Zinc roof. I plan to make the sides of the workshop fold out to form work benches to give me a much bigger working space. I also plan to make the workshop removable, through either a mechanical or hydraulic system.

When the workshop has been removed, I am going to have another platform that sits on the bed of the trailer with a wood-fired hot tub on it. We love the idea of wood-fired hot tubs and it would be so cool to have our very own that we can take with us on trips!


TINY IS THE FUTURE - a business

My long term dream is to set up a business building other people their very own tiny homes, camper vans etc, and to help more people live off-grid.

Once I have an established business, I want to set up a charity alongside it helping the homeless build their own tiny homes, and teach them trade skills. The aim is to held improve their lives by providing education, work and accommodation.



A Tiny bit bigger!

The lorry is a great space for two people travelling around, or one person living in it full time… but the lorry is only 72 square foot and we feel that for two people living in it full-time would be a bit of a struggle. So the next step is to scale up our tiny home to a Double decker bus! This is an exciting new project we are beginning to plan and it should provide us with over four times more space, while still allowing us to live off-grid and as self-sufficient as possible.